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Bike Service

Most bike owners know the feeling - after months of faithful service, you hop on your trusty steed one morning and it just feels wrong.

Creaking pedals, wobbly wheels... even the best maintained bikes need a tune up once in a while. Poorly maintained bikes can be dangerous, so it's vitally important that an experienced, highly trained bike mechanic rights those wrongs to get you back in the saddle again. At Law Cycles we have that team.

Basic Service


  • Safety assessment

  • Adjust gears and brakes

  • Check and inflate tyres​​

*Parts and VAT not included​

Standard Service


This is our most popular service.

Basic Service plus:

  • Adjustment of hubs, headset, bottom bracket and brakes**

  • Lubrication of cables, chain and derailleur.

  • Check and tighten all fixings

*Parts and VAT not included​

**Installation if replacement required

The Works


Standard Service plus:

  • Strip bike down to the frame

  • Clean, check, and refurbish or replace all parts including brakes, gears, hubs, headset, and bottom bracket.

  • True and tension wheels

  • Test ride

*Parts and VAT not included

Reach out or come in store to learn more about our services.

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